What We Offer


Individual loans


Individual lending for financing individuals and enterprises

Credit Limit

These flexible loans are offered to clients with excellent credit history with FINCA as well as clients who demonstrate great business potential.

Seasonal FINCA

It´s a parallel loan to clients who have needs related to high demand periods in which the activity of the business increases.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)

A product designed to satisfy the needs of the small to medium enterprises.

Agriculture and Livestock Loan

This product is dedicated to meet the financial needs of those engaged in agriculture or raising livestock.

Group Loans

Village Banking Loan

Village Banking is composed of groups of low income entrepreneurs or business owners, who organized themselves to request a loan from FINCA in order to finance activities of production, trade, services or cattle raising.

Other Services

Money Exchange

FINCA Nicaragua is trying to provide high quality banking services to our clients inside office.



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