Fitch Ratings – Central America and the Dominican Republic, , affirmed the national rating of Financiera FINCA Nicaragua, S.A. In ‘BBB + (nic)’. The Rating Outlook is Stable. The details of the ratings are presented at the end of this release.



This is the second time that the institution obtains a qualification report. Recall that although FINCA has been present in Nicaragua since 1992, it was not until June 2011 that it began operations under a new legal structure, such as a Financial Regulated by the Superintendency of Banks (SIBOIF). Before, as an NGO, we did not require a risk rating, but under the figure of a non-bank financial institution supervised by SIBOIF, such qualification takes on great importance.

In the case of FINCA, as you can see, the BBB + category (according to the nomenclature used by Fitch) is considered, in the table of equivalencies used by SIBOIF in the Standard on the determination of the level of risks of financial institutions, as Normal Risk .

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Financiera FINCA Nicaragua is a financial institution that offers innovative financial services to more than 42,000 clients through 20 branches throughout the country and a loan portfolio of over US $ 43 million. Financiera FINCA Nicaragua is part of the global FINCA microfinance network, serving more than 1.6 million clients in 21 countries, with a double line of financial sustainability and social performance. For more information, visit

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FINCA Impact Finance is a network of 21 microfinance institutions and banks that provide socially responsible financial services and enable individuals and low-income communities to invest in the future. The majority owner of the network is FINCA International, a microfinance and non-profit social enterprise dedicated to creating economic inclusion for the poor. For more information, visit

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