Are people committed to their families, enthusiastic micro entrepreneurs, with the drive and determination to face challenges and achieve their goals, are people who take risks and manage them, who know adversity as well as success, We have the privilege to accompany them and the challenge of being a solid institution that gives them the support they need to build a better and prosperous future.

Success Stories

Juana Cano

In a bustling market of Jinotepe, Nicaragua, Juana Cano works day and night selling soup to hungry customers. Though Juana is a relatively new client of FINCA, she has already seen the benefits of her small loan. The loan helsp her to buy her ingredients daily from other food vendors in the market. With the profits, she has extended her small home to better accommodate her five daughters and her son.

Latest Stories

Julia Ramirez

In San Marcos, Nicaragua, a small stature, elderly woman is known in her community as “Santa Claus.” Julia Ramirez runs a small convenience store out of her home, using the profits from her business to help feed and entertain children in poor communities.

Nelson Zúniga López

In the hilly town of Jinotepe, Nicaragua, Nelson Zuniga Lopez tends to his 60,000 orange, lemon, mango, guava and cocoa trees on his one acre plot of land. Today, Nelson is happy that his business is steadily growing, but it wasn’t so long ago when he struggled to expand his business.

Yelba del Socorro Peña

Now, 12 years after taking her first loan from FINCA, Yelba’s business is still steadily growing. A series of small loans has given Yelba the means to establish her business and increase her profits. She says: “I thank God. I am so proud of my partnership with FINCA! They’ve helped us a lot”


Francisco Ruiz

I am proud to say that I come from the bottom and I thank FINCA Nicaragua for trusting me when no-one wanted to give a loan. FINCA supported me and enabled me to succeed.

Nicolasa Rodríguez

Nicolasa Rodríguez

“FINCA helps the neediest women in Nicaragua, no matter the size of their business.”

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